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Our Flagship Service! Take Lessons Online From Anywhere! 


Now you can take lessons from the best teachers in the world regardless of where you live! All you need is a highspeed internet connection, computer with webcam, and Skype or Google Hangouts! (Free to Download)


This service has proven to be our most popular because you can schedule lessons from the comfort of your home when it is convenient for you. You also have the ability to record the lesson so that you can go back and rewatch it over and over! After each lesson we even email special custom curriculums in the form of PDF's that are taylored to your needs. This is truly the way of the future! Nobody should be held back from opportunity because of their location in the world. If you are hungry to learn, we have the solution...Live Online Lessons from eRock School! To get started simply click here and fill out the registration form. One of our teachers will contact you ASAP to get you started on your musical journey! 

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