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  Choose Between One Of Our Premier Programs Below!

Our Flagship program designed to accomodate anyone with the desire to learn an instrument regardless of where they are located! Take lessons when it is CONVENIENT for YOU from the comfort of your home! Click here for more information!

If you happen to live in the California Bay Area this service may be perfect for you! Meet and work with our incredible teachers in person at one of our local studios! Each of our teachers is an active musician that has mastered their craft and proven it by becoming successful in one of the toughest businesses to make it in, the music industry! If you want to learn to be the best, then you should learn from the best. It is said that it takes at least 10,000 hours to master a craft. Our teachers have put the time in to gain this valuable knowledge and apply it daily. Our motto is "practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect". Rest assured you will be in the right hands here! AND..we have made it risk free with a FREE INTRO lesson. Call 408.710.4031 today or click here for more information on how to get started on your musical journey!


Coming soon... We will be launching our "ALL ACCESS PASS" service! This will be a members only subscription based archive filled with tons of invaluable videos and tutorials teaching & educating you on the following subjects: Pre-Recorded Guitar, Drum, Vocal & Piano Lessons, Music Business Consulting, Industry Advice & Tips, Record Deals, Contracts, Legal, Musical Gear Knowledge, Pro-Audio, Recording Demos, Touring, Live Show Knowledge, Stage Presence, Vocal Coaching, and SO SO MUCH MORE! There will be nothing out there like this, and the best part is that it will all be packed under one hood! You will no longer have to spend countless hours searching the massive internet for this music industry knowledge. We have put the collective knowlede of decades of experience into these videos! The ALL ACCESS PASS will be updated weekly with new content! You will not be abe to put a monetary value on this subscription.. If you plan to learn an instrument or get involved in the music industry then this will truly be an incredible investment.. there is nothing better than investing in yourself! Keep checking back for more updates on the "ALL ACCESS PASS!" You can also subscribe to our mailing list for updates on eRock School!


Do you want some one on one mentorship with our experts and music industry consultants? Call today to schedule a call! Our consultants can mentor or advise you on virtually all aspects of the music business from copyrighting your music with the library of congress to signing up for a performance rights organization (PRO) such as BMI or ASCAP. These are just 2 crucial tasks out of many that must be completed if you plan to self release an album.. and thats only 1 tiny aspect of the music industry. our consultants can help you navigate every wind and turn down the road of your musical journey.. we can help you avoid the pot holes that have derailed many musicians and stopped their momentum. There is also the enormous task of marketing and promoting your material once you have an Album, EP,  Single, or Music Video ready. Most artists fall short here, they do not realize that 90% of the business lies in this area, and only 10% of what they do is actually writing and recording music. Most artists fail to have a successful music campagin because they have not thoroughly planned a marketing strategy well before the release date of their music. These are more areas that our consultants can help in. So don't procrasinate and schedule your call today!  We have the experience and knowledge to make you successful in this industry! CALL 408.710.4031 today to schedule a Skype or phone meeting.



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