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Tim Duffy


    Tim Duffy is a classically trained drummer whom has been well rounded by his experiences. He was born in 1982 and started taking private drum lessons at the age of eight. His love of drumming has carried him throughout the years. After many different projects and many ups and downs, drumming has remained a constant in his life.

    Tim has been formally trained to read, write, and transcribe drum music for eight years. His diverse study of music ranges from Metal, Rock, Hip-hop, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Latin, and a little of Southern Indian rhythms. He is comfortable playing in a professional studio to a click track or a live setting with random soloing.

     Tim has played countless times in front of audiences of all sizes. His first experience playing in front of people was at the age of twelve for the church he grew up in. At the age of fourteen his grandfather, who played first violin, introduced him to the South Valley Symphony playing classical percussion. Tim has played many classical pieces for the South Valley Symphony. Later in high school he joined the Live Oak Emerald Regime drum line for close to a year. In 2006 Tim joined the Morgan Hill Wind Symphony to play a few Big Band pieces.

    Tim has also worked in a number of musical theatre plays. In 2002 the San Benito Stage Company contacted him to work percussion in a production of The Pirates of Penzance and Annie Get Your Gun. In 2003 it was Fiddler on the Roof, 2005 South Pacific, and 2011 The Music Man. After the first two musical plays for the San Benito Stage Company, the South Valley Civic Theatre contacted him to work on the production of Gypsy in 2002. He also worked with them on Peter Pan and Footloose in 2004. One of Tim’s’ last musicals was Little Shop Of Horrors for Christopher High School in 2011.

     Tim has played in and started many bands during his drumming career. In high school Tim started a band with his friend Mike called Emphasis, a hard rock metal band. Although band broke up after high school, like so many tend to do, he went on to start a progressive hard rock band called Forged in 2002. This lasted until 2004. Next was a melodic metal project called Dimidium, which was collaboration with his friend Ryan in 2005 utilizing some of the same members from Forged. Tim has recorded two and half albums with this band. First Album called Passive Aggression released 2007,  Beneath The Surface in 2011, and an EP called Disillusioned.  Tim also joined a soft rock band called Local Traffic in 2005 until 2007. He recorded an album with them which was released in 2006. After Local Traffic, Tim joined a blues cover band called Corona’s Blues Band in 2008 until 2009. In 2009 Tim had an opportunity to tour the US with an independent rock band called After the Crash. After three months he returned home due to family obligations. Tim resumed working with Dimidium to put the albums together. He also joined another metal band called A Thousand Kingdoms and ended up producing a three song demo with them in 2010 and is now working on an album. In 2011 Tim put together a Jazz project called The Poppy Gasper Trio which he has wanted to do most of his life. The last project Tim has joined was a reggae-rock band called Cai-Nation in 2013.

     Since 2004, Tim has also given drum lessons to students of all levels from beginner to advance. He has given lessons out of his own studio as well as making house calls. Tim has also developed lesson plans and individual goals for students of all ages. Tim remains current in all aspects of drumming techniques and trends. He enjoys sharing his love for percussion and drumming.

     From a young age this musician has almost always had a pair of drum sticks in his hands. He has learned many things from working with something as simple as a drum set that will carry him through life. Like anything else it has had its ups and downs, its joys and its pain. This will never keep Tim from doing what he loves best though, sitting in front of his set and simply playing.

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