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Additional Info

All the information you need to know below...

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Camp Description

🎵🌞 Step into the world of music this summer! 🌟


Welcome to our Music Exploration Camp! 🎶


Are you ready to embark on a musical adventure like no other? Join us for an unforgettable experience where kids aged 7 through 12, and 13-17 dive into the captivating realm of music through engaging activities and interactive experiences.


Discover the magic of music as you explore various genres, grasp fundamental concepts, and get hands-on with a variety of instruments. From listening to playing and even creating your own melodies, this camp is your gateway to unlocking your musical potential!


Unleash your creativity, uncover your passions, and nurture your talents in a joyful and supportive environment. Get ready to make new friends, create lifelong memories, and most importantly, have loads of fun!

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Summer Workshops

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Camp Description

Discover the magic of music this summer with our Beginner's Music Workshops! Dive into the world of guitar, vocals, and piano as each instrument takes center stage on its designated day of the week. 


Through engaging activities, you'll explore the fundamentals of each instrument, from understanding its structure to playing basic melodies. Delve into the rich history of music, explore various genres, and uncover the vast array of sounds, tones, and timbres that these instruments and voice can produce.


Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on experiences that will ignite your passion for music and empower you to express yourself creatively. Whether you're picking up an instrument for the first time or looking to enhance your skills, these workshops are designed to inspire and nurture your budding talent.


Step into our workshops and emerge with newfound inspiration, ready to embark on a musical journey that could uncover a hidden talent or skill within you. Let the music be your guide as you explore new horizons and unlock your potential for artistic expression.

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Camp Description

Embark on a musical journey like never before at our Introduction to Recording and Music Production Summer Camp! 


Join us for an immersive experience where students will dive into the world of audio engineering, song production, and music creation. Learn the art of producing music, understanding song structure, and exploring the intricacies of recording and producing tracks.


Through hands-on sessions, students will be introduced to professional audio software and learn the basics of using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Discover how music is created, recorded, mixed, mastered, and released, gaining valuable insights into the entire music production process.

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Camp Description

This summer, turn up the volume on your child's musical journey with eRock School's Band Jams 101 Summer Camp! Designed for aspiring rockstars aged 9-17, our camp offers a thrilling introduction to the world of group jam sessions and the dynamics of playing in a band.

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Camp Description

Join us at eRock School for our exciting summer camp, the "I Make Music" Camp! 


At our camp, students will have the opportunity to come together, form bands, and immerse themselves in the world of music. They'll have the option to work on cover songs or even write their own music, all in preparation for our highly anticipated second annual "I Make Music" Festival on August 3.


Throughout the camp, students will learn the fundamentals of playing in groups and bands, focusing on skills such as listening, blending their sounds, teamwork, and the art of performing together as an ensemble. This experience will not only help them grow as musicians but also as individuals, gaining valuable experience and creating lasting memories.


The climax of the camp will be the "I Make Music" Festival, where students will showcase their talents in front of a large crowd of enthusiastic music lovers. It's an opportunity for them to shine and share their love of music with the world. Join us for a summer filled with music, creativity, and unforgettable experiences at eRock School's "I Make Music" Camp!

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