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We teach the essentials of Modern Pop,  Rock, Country, Hip Hop, EDM, Dance, Electronic, Film Scoring and much More! SO MUCH Music!

We focus on the essentials of modern pop and rock music! It all starts with the basic fundamentals and understanding of music! Even though we focus on rock and pop music the success principles we teach are universal and can be used across all genres of music. Becasue we start with the theory, technique, pitch, playing on time to a metronome etc.. we build a solid foundation for any aspiring musician! 




Guitar / Bass / Uke

One of the best instruments to learn if you love music! Guitar is great because it is a singer/songwriters instrument and one can play full songs all by them self enjoying the benefits and joy of making music.  We also teach Bass Guitar and Uke,  the other popular choices in the string family!


For the most expressive of artists and aspiring musicians. Great for writers, poets, and lyricists. Developing your voice and becoming a great singer takes hard work, one of the most rewarding payoffs in music. If you love to sing..this is the service for you! 


The backbone, heart and soul of music. A good drummer is very hard to come by in the music industry, take it from us as we have toured and met our fair share of drummers. Drums take exceptional coordination skills and a great ability to keep time. The good news is that this skill can be learned just like any other craft, and we have the best teachers in the business to learn from!


Learning to play the piano is vital to becoming a great musician. Very similar to the guitar in many ways. Both have the same note structure, both can be played as solo instruments in performances and songwriting. The piano is a gorgeous sounding instrument and is one of the most commonly used tools in songwriting and production.


Pro-Audio has become a staple for the independant musician today. The rapid breakthroughs in technology have made the days of big expensive studios extinct. Now pretty much any aspiring musician with a few hundred dollars can make a commercial souding demo in their bedroom IF they KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. It is crucial to know at least the basics of pro-audio such as how to record and mix a professional sounding demo. Most people are not producer's and can not get past the sound of what they are listening to. They will not see the vision as you do, so the key is to make the demo sound as close to what you hear in your head as possible. We can teach this very important knowledge. We also offer demo recording services in our fully equipped studios. Call 408.710.4031 or visit our service packages page today for more information on our pro-audio solutions.

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