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Service 1. Local Private Lessons with Instructor


If you happen to live in the California South Bay Area this service may be perfect for you! Meet and work with our incredible teachers in person at one of our local studios! Learn Guitar, BassDrums, Vocals, or Piano! Each of our teachers is an active musician that has mastered their craft and proven it by becoming successful in one of the toughest businesses to make it in.. the music industry! If you want to learn to be the best.. then you should learn from the best. It is said that it takes at least 10,000 hours to master a craft. Our teachers have put the time in to gain this very valuable knowledge and apply it daily. Our motto is "practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect". Rest assured you will be in the right hands here! AND..we have made it risk free with a FREE INTRO lesson. To schedule your first lesson click here and fill out the form, or.. Call 408.710.4031  

(More National Locations coming soon!)

Service 2. Vocal Coaching & Work Shops


Do you or your child have an audition coming up? Maybe that big performance is just around the corner.. need some last minute training? Our signature Vocal Coaching service is perfect to fully prepare you for what ever situation you need to be ready for. No more need for anxiety or worry.. we are here to help. This service will teach the proper singing techniques and principles to successfully take on that audition or performance. We will create a crash course curriculum tailored to meet your upcoming performance needs. This service is great for temporary or last minutes needs. We pack a ton of singing knowledge and training into a few crash courses. We also provide exercise CD's and materials so that you can continue to practice at home. Click here and fill out the form to schedule your Vocal Coaching session. You can also call 408.710.4031 to schedule your time.

Service 3. Pro-Audio Recording Mixing Mastering


Do you have a catchy song buzzing around your head? Did your band write a few original songs that need to be recorded? Maybe you have some songs you want to cover.. perhaps record your first demo!? Our recording studio is the perfect solution to all your needs. We offer professional recording services for Demos, EP's, Voice Overs, Commercials, Narration, and much more! We will provide that big radio & commercial sound you seek. Call 408.710.4031 today to speak with one of our experts, or click here for more information on service rates and packages. 


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